Odyssee Service: Mission accomplie

Notre objectif ? Une satisfaction parfaite de nos clients


Imaginez que vous ayez implémenté Odyssee. Que vos techniciens soient en route avec leur tablette et travaillent avec votre planification… Comment votre entreprise serait-elle? Lisez nos témoignages clients. Imaginez comment votre entreprise bénéficierait de l’automatisation des services.

Ils nous font confiance

BAM Techniek installs, runs and manages technical installations in utility buildings, industrial structures and houses. They are determined to offer clients the best quality possible.

“With 200 mobile and 400 planned technicians, BAM Techniek needed field service management software that was flexible. Odyssee caught our attention by being based in The Cloud, but still offering offline functioning. It was a sure sign of flexibility and user-friendliness.”

Rolf Soeten, IT Manager – BAM Techniek.

With almost 100,000 employees working to serve 130 million customers, Veolia Water is the largest supplier of water services in the world. Their priority? The best customer service.

“We looked at external service automation software with one specific requirement in mind: we wanted to provide better technical and maintenance service for our clients. Thanks to the Odyssee field service solution and the digital work order, our service visits to help clients are now four times faster!”

Inge van Dijk, IT – Coordinator – Veolia

KWB provides innovative solutions in the field of installation, service and maintenance of swimming pools. Expertise in water treatment, odor removals, storage and dosage of chemicals and more.

“12 Operators and 1 dispatcher will use Odyssee Service App to optimize the service to our customers, giving them a full transparency about what we do.”

Demtec Services is part of the Democo Group and is active in maintenance of HVAC, sanitary, electrical installations and solar panels. Demtec Services is growing and needs a field service automation tool for their 35 technicians and dispatchers working all over Belgium. They expect to double soon.

“Odyssee Service has a deep knowledge of Maintenance and Repair activities. That is why we started this project with them. They help us to structure all the business processes across the different business units in Belgium”, says

Frank Bollen, Service Manager.

“We choose for Odyssee Mobile as it is more than just an app for our field service collaborators. It makes the bridge between our operations and our back office. We also liked that it’s a cloud solution enabling our service people to work both offline and online. And as a preconfigured software solution, it has a proven track record. You don’t start from zero as you would when you would develop everything yourself.”

Peter Kranendonk, Service Manager

“When we joined Odyssee Service, we also signed up for Quick Start. After an initial session where we were involved in configuring the application to the needs of ROMASS, we were able to practice managing a number of projects. We took this in stride – the application is extremely user-friendly. Nonetheless, as a new way of working for many of our workers, I found it important that there was training provided in the second step. The workers now like to work with the app on their tablets. And with the training and the link to the Odyssee helpdesk for coaching, they have been very quick to get underway with the application.”

Maikel Brouwer, Business Strategist

Parlez-nous de vos besoins!

Parce que nous sommes heureux de vous aider et de vous montrer ce que notre logiciel de service de terrain est capable de faire. Contactez nous aujourd'hui et vous verrez ce que Odyssee Service peut changer pour votre entreprise.

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