The delivery of field services usually results in much administration and paperwork, which in turn, is caused by the mobile business process. Filling in, correcting, checking and transferring of work orders or e-mails into the ERP system is a time-consuming process for employees doing field work or working at the office.

With Odyssee Mobile Field Force you know exactly where your employees are and which parts of the job they have already finished. This increases the availability of your personnel and the productivity of your Field Service Team.


Important questions on installing “workforce automation software”:
  • How much can we save in the mobile workflow by using electronic work orders?
  • How many times a day does our field service visit?
  • Is the mobile activity and the mobile workflow absolute necessary for our company?
  • Is making an “online” connection feasible for our company?
  • How much time can we save with automatic time registration?
  • Can our scheduling tool be connected with the mobile solution to optimise our mobile business process?

Optimising and automating in the field is powerful and complex since it requires good scheduling and dispatch of several field force technicians that need to travel to different locations. Reducing costs and maintaining a good customer service are also very important for a mobile workforce automation.

Advantages of a mobile workforce solution connected with the planning system:
  • An efficient workforce automation gives customers predictable timing for interventions
  • On-Site consulting of customer and installation data and conditions of the contract
  • Automatic time registration and travel time is included in the mobile workforce solution
  • Work orders with electronic signature for clear communication

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