Safe and Flexible

Why is Odyssee a field Service Cloud Solution

A future-proof investment

Odyssee Mobile was born in the cloud. We feel at home there. And we made sure to build in aspects such as safety, availability and privacy from the very beginning. A native cloud application such as our field service solution is completely future-proof and safe. This is a major benefit, especially in relation to field service software from the previous generation that needed to migrate from an on-premises model to a cloud application model.

Odyssee Planning Software - Field Service cloud solution

99,99% availibility

Odyssee Service is an official Microsoft Azure partner. Your data is hosted in a reliable, secure manner, but remains accessible to your service teams and dispatchers 24/7. You can be sure you won’t be confronted with capacity issues, no matter how many users are logged in at once. Our Cloud solutions have reached a level 4 SaaS maturity, which means they are horizontally and vertically scalable in real time. Of course, you can also be sure all your data is available at all times with our SLA for 99.99% availability.

Your Data is safe

Odyssee has set up several policies and implemented several procedures to make sure your data is safe. Of course, our solutions use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the data and databases are encrypted. Next to these basics, we have also implemented Data Access Control policies. And as a data processor, we have setup Data Protection and Acceptable Use policies. Different security methodologies have been put in place for the portal environment and for the mobile apps.

Make the most of your workers

Don’t underestimate the positive impact of cloud-based planning software like Odyssee Service. Clients have often told us it is an enormous benefit to have the whole organization linked with the service teams. Dispatchers, bookkeeping and warehouse workers all work together far more efficiently to solve (unexpected) problems that the intervention teams encounter and have to overcome when on the job. Everyone in the company is immediately informed, consulted if necessary, and briefed in real time.

Benefits for your clients

Waiting? It’s no longer an option for clients. They expect immediate response. The Azure cloud environment and native cloud applications such as Odyssee Service software ensure the best possible client experience. We offer a SLA on 99.99% availability! Not just once, but time and time again. Clients also expect immaculate service at all moments. Odyssee is a cloud application, but it does not require the technician to remain online. The app will continue to work offline, accepting all input from the technician. When the technician goes online again, the app will synchronize all information.

Fewer costs

Operational costs are minimal when you use a cloud-based solution. Because in a real time, connected environment, information does not need to be retyped, no vital data or invoicing details are lost and timesheets are accurately maintained. One of the first and most noticeable effects of cloud-based working is the substantial reduction in printer and paper use. Good for your wallet and great for the environment.

Goodbye to license maintenance and update patches

Something that is perhaps even more noticeable: cloud-based software always stays up to date – and you install it very flexibly. Do you need an extra user? Click! Within a few minutes, this user is up and running. You only pay as from the moment that you need your extra account. You no longer need to buy those ‘just in case’ licenses. With Odyssee, you will only pay for what you use.

Would you like to experience first-hand what a cloud-based solution can do for your field force? Ask for your personalized live demo.

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