TomTom Webfleet Connector

Have you already equipped your vans with TomTom webfleet devices? Odyssee Service connects automatically with TomTom to maximize your performance.


Our seamless TomTom Webfleet connector enables your mobile Field Service Team to

  • Receive addresses of planned work orders directly on the Tom Tom device and thus navigate directly to the customer location
  • Receive the contact information on TomTom allowing to send TXT updates to the contact about the estimated arrival time.
  • Track the position of the cars to know who is close to a specific customer to plan a last minute job.
  • Track who drives which car, enabling the Planner to know if the car has the correct parts in his Van stock for a specific job.
  • Reduce time to deploy by using an off the shelf configurable connector

What is interfaced?

Odyssee Service contains the information about field technicians. TomTom uses drivers, knows who drives which car and can show you the way to drive there.  The connector will connect this data in both directions in near real-time (which field technician drives which car).

“Planned work Orders” in Odyssee Service become “Job addresses” in TomTom and are sent to the vehicle the field technician is driving. The connector will make sure the Work Order always follows the driver even if there is a vehicle change.

A Work Order assigned to multiple field technicians will automatically be sent to the different TomTom drivers. This is automatically  managed by the connector.

GPS positions (geolocalization) of the drivers are communicated to Odyssee Service in real-time so the planner can see who is the closest technician to plan a new work order on.

How does it work?

The TomTom connector is an off the shelf connector with minimal configuration parameters. It is using the standard TomTom Webfleet interface. You need a Tomtom LINK device in the car.

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