Do your customers become more demanding? Do they expect a better service for the same cost? Are they in need of more information and a better awareness regarding your service?

You want your customer to get a better look on your services? But on the other hand you want to increase your profit and decrease your costs?



Odyssee Mobile serves you the perfect recipe: Using Odyssee Field Service App, many service businesses have significantly increased the efficiency of several processes by up to 93%. Your service level and thus the awareness of your service increases in a blink.


Learn how to get the most out of your field service!


1. Automate your work orders

Field service management comes with many challenges, including the lack of real-time communication. Our reliable solution offers simple, easy-to-make reports and timesheets. Digitalization of your work orders lets your technicians focus more on their job and in the same time it increases the real-time communication. This brings you speed and efficiency to a whole new level!


2. Spare Parts on the right place at the right time

Spare Parts Management was never as complex as it is right now. For an efficient execution of this essential business process, it is very important to know the fill rate, the availability of the item, the price or the stock list.

How to keep all of this data at your fingertips all time? By using ONE solution – a Software that stock all this information and even more, a solution you can use Online and Offline, on PC, Laptop or Tablet!


3. Never lose any data – work in the cloud

How would you feel if you lost all your important data?

With cloud storage you are not only ensured of ultra-safe and secured storage but your data will be accessible for all devices and all locations.


4. Upselling ads more value to your customer

It costs five times more to gain a new customer than to retain the same customer.

One way of retaining a customer is by implementing automatic work orders, never losing your data and efficiently using spare parts management.

You also want to make sure your customer gets everything he needs.

Upselling is one way to do that! With Odyssee Field Service Software you can get your customer what he needs, when he needs it, lowering operating cost and increasing customer satisfaction.


Transform your complex business processes in an efficient one!

Simplify your business information, simplify your processes and safely store your data – which can be accessible from anywhere, online and offline!


  • 4 steps for a simplification of your business
  • 4 steps for a more efficient service process
  • 4 steps for a clear cost reduction
  • 4 steps for an easier service management


Odyssee Mobile simplifies your life and lets you focus on the most important aspect of your company: your client. A better, faster service, more awareness, a clear overview and most of all a controllable, scalable, personalized application.


Call Odyssee Mobile on +32 2 513 48 19 or visit our website on Odyssee Service and ask your free demo.


A few seconds of your time for a world of difference in the future. Don’t hesitate!

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