“Registration used parts – proper follow-up – optimal inventory”

Field Service organizations invest a lot of money in parts and material. An optimized management of these spare parts leads to improved efficiency and cost savings. By improving the availability of spare parts, the technician can increase his productivity and will need to make less visits to the warehouse in order to complete his projects.

Easy parts registration

With Odyssee Mobile spare parts management the technician can register used parts or order new ones. The product information is retrieved from the ERP-System and fills the parts catalog of the technician.
The field service management software automatically sends back to the ERP system which spare parts were used for which customer and installation. Stock information is updated automatically and your warehouse employees know exactly which parts need to be ordered again.

How to work?
  • Book used spare parts
  • Order extra parts
  • Create new parts
  • Look at customer-specific prices agreements
  • Follow-up delivery and stock information

Odyssee Mobile field service management can also be used as pro-active sales tool: when parts need to be replaced (as a precaution), the technician can offer a price indication, possibly closing the deal and installing the part that needs to be replaced immediately.

When a larger sale is concerned, the technician can inform the office or sales representative about it via the digital work order.

When your technician completes his job you can be sure that all the information that was used on the digital work order was 100% correctly integrated into the ERP system. The administration only needs to concentrate on the invoicing process.

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