For a service or maintenance oriented company, well managed and optimised field service planning is the key to success!

The speed and quality with which you can react to customer requests helps to improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers. Fulfilling the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) makes all the difference.

Scheduling & planning increase productivity

Your Field Service Manager or Dispatch Operations creates the assignments or receives them from the work planner or helpdesk and immediately forwards them to the appropriate service technician. Because everything happens real-time, the field service dispatcher can easily see which technicians are doing what and whether or not they are still on schedule. This way certain jobs – if necessary – can be easily rescheduled or assigned to other colleagues.

Measurable benefits
  • Odyssee Mobile Visual Scheduler speeds up the planning and scheduling process; less time spent at a keyboard means more time doing hands-on work.
  • Process automation creates high integrity, compliant and confident planning and scheduling processes.
  • Easy to learn and easier to use built-in Odyssee Mobile user interface ensures immediate user adaptation resulting in speedy ROI and low TCO.


Your Dispatcher or Dispatch team can:
  • Schedule work orders with an easy ‘drop & drag’ function
  • Consult field service information such as the status and result of the current job dispatched
  • Get access to the information from the ERP thanks to a fast ERP link and integration
  • Track the technician’s current inventory and how far they are from a restocking station, etc.
  • Have a real time overview of the technician’s location and who can be sent to deal with unforeseen circumstances, thanks to Geo localization or GPS fleet management.
  • Immediately check what was noted with the customer, with the work order scheduling tool
  • Thanks to the electronic signature they know who signed the work order, as well having an overview of hours and used spare parts in his mailbox.
Is Service Dispatching Software usefull for your company?

Note that the cloud field service software from Odyssee Service offers a free demo. Experience for yourself on the internet what the benefits of a field service management tool mean for your business or ask Odyssee for a free ROI calculation.

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