No matter what the kind of services you offer to your clients, you need a professional partner for your business to boost productivity, create a more positive customer experience and convert your leads to actual sales.

With the implementation of a fully-integrated cloud-based software solution for your service organization, you can expect better business efficiency within your daily  business processes.

Odyssee offers A Fully-Integrated Software Solution For Businesses Offering Services

Our Cloud-Based Software covers all processes of your business, from scheduling and dispatch to contact and billing. No more having to get through one process to another, you can do all these with one integrated business solution.

Routing and Dispatching your technicians, or any other service personnel implies a whole lot of process: Calls, Scheduling, Provision of Information about and for the client, all of which incurs in a lot of expenses on your end, not to mention sunk cost with time wasted on the entire procedure.

However, with our integrated solution, you can do your resource allocation in a minute of your the time.

With a more speedy dispatch of your service personnel, you also get to cover more clients for less the time, thus resulting to satisfied customers and better profits at the end!

Communicate Timely, More Efficiently And Deliver Services Fast!

Perhaps the greatest advantage to the solution Odyssee offers, is that you get to cut on costs while you improve customer service. As you are able to provide your clients with the services they need for less waiting period, you get to create a positive impression about your business. And this positive outcome draws into more clients and a great brand awareness. It not only increases your profitability, but sustains and improves your brand / service credibility as well.

Our Business Is All About Helping Your Business

With a minimum investment with our integrated solution, you get the best out of what service technology has to offer. Implementing this kind of software to your organization just might be what you need to achieve the ROI you have been working hard for.

Let us help you giving your business the boost it deserves.

Get in touch with us to know more about our Integrated Software Solutions today!

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