1)  In Work Orders in the Timesheets part, under the “Invoiced” tab, timesheets that have been approved by the customer will be flagged as “Signed by customer”


2)  It is now mandatory to fill a company when creating a timesheet


3)  Hour types can now be archived, to keep existing timesheets intact


4)  The timesheet transfer function has been improved to manage timesheets spread over multiple days and to warn the user should there be any overlapping invoicables


5)  In My WO List, when clicking on “Start WO” only the selected planning event will be put in status “In progress”


6)  It is not mandatory anymore to fill in a search filter in the User search module


7)  It is now possible to unlink a user from a user group by selecting “None” in the user group drop down list in the “Assigned to” tab (no need to use work around anymore)


8)  In the user details, it is now possible to copy the working hours of Monday to the rest of the week, and Saturday to Sunday


9)  In the “Assigned to” tab the Cars are now listed with ‘car name – car license plate’


10) Users can now also be archived


11) In Multi-Work orders, after approval of a Sub work order the user is now redirected to the Overview / Technician Overview / Details of the Sub work order (depending on user rights)


12) Improvement of initial Installation details loading: the grid with the installation hierarchy will not automatically be loading when the details are loaded. Only if the user expands the list.


Important to mention is that we are working on the Maps Module which will be the next release!

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