Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector

Is your company using Dynamics NAV? Odyssee Service has a 360° plug&play connector ready to be installed allowing you to use the full potential of field service management software.


Our seamless Microsoft Navision connector enables you to optimize your service end to end processes by removing the red tape:

Optimize customer billing by triggering your automated billing rules when work is approved by the customer. Same day invoicing can now become reality as consumed hours and materials are in near real-time processed by the connector and send to Navision.

Manage your spare part (van) inventory allowing your techncian to consume spare parts from a designated stock location.  Once the work is done, Navision will automatically update the inventory information and engage your stock management process.
Streamline the spare part ordering process by initiating purchase requests with Odyssee Service. This request is then processed further by Nav. And your service back-office can follow-up progress of the order within Odyssee

Improve continuous and transparent communication  When a NAV invoice refers to a work order, the customer can easily link this to the Odyssee service report. This seriously decreases discussions about the invoice.

Finally, seriously reduce time to deploy by using an off the shelf configurable connector.

What is interfaced?

Odyssee Mobile considers Navision as the keeper of master data.  The connector will therefore retrieve customers, contacts, spare parts, stock locations, resources and service items from Navision.  Any change in Navision will be in near real-time reflected within Odyssee Service.

Odyssee Service is driving the operational processes.  Any new document, work order, purchase order, creates a corresponding document in Navision.  The used spare parts and hours to invoice will generate a line on the corresponding Navision document. You can continue to create service orders in Navision if this fits your process better.

Odyssee Service can as well feedback detailed weekly timesheets, holidays, sick days, and more to feed your HR module (can be different from NAV).

We do this with an off-the-shelf connection configured to only exchange data required for your operational processes.

How does it work?

  • Our professional services team will be working closely with you in determining the best possible connectivity strategy based on your business processes. Our NAV connector allows many mapping scenario’s without any coding.
  • You have a specific Add-On? No problem.  We will work closely with you and your Navision integrator in finding the most cost-effective integration solution.

Want to know more about how effective this connector works? We will gladly give you some references you can call. Contact us now.

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