Why Join the Odyssee

Mobile Partner Program?

Tap into the mobile market for service companies: the Odyssee Mobile Partner program

Odyssee Mobile offers consultants and integrators the opportunity to join our ecosystem as an Odyssee Mobile Partner. As a mobile, multi-level and last generation cloud solution, Odyssee Service comes in different license packs, adapted to service companies with field service teams of lall sizes. Typically, the Odyssee Mobile solution is combined with ERP solutions large and small, like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or  Oracle, as well as with Exact Online, Sage or Snelstart. But it can be deployed perfectly as a stand-alone solution as well.

Becoming an Odyssee Mobile Partner is more than a software choice. As a challenger building our solution with last generation technology, we invest heavily in our partner network to implement and co-develop our business solutions. That’s why the Odyssee partner program comes along with extensive certification, training, tools and dedicated support. Becoming an Odyssee Mobile Partner is your opportunity to tap into the booming market of field service automation solutions.


Tried, Tested and Cutting-Edge: technological choices that are here to stay
The Odyssee Service solution was built up from the ground as a cloud solution. It means for your customers low investments on hardware, regular automatic updates and reliable connectivity and backup of service history, as we use Azure as our hosting platform.

Transparency is another keyword. Our API makes it easy for our partners to connect the Odyssee Service solution to your application or to more than 50 industry ERP and accountancy solutions.

As we get more feedback from both small and large customers, our developing team is continuously delivering new releases and enhancements. We are open minded and ready to take along improvements, especially when this input comes from our Odyssee Mobile Partners. We believe that the only way forward is by listening very carefully to what the market and our ecosystem gives us as feedback.

Commercial opportunities and coaching

The € 1.2 billion market of field service automation is now also booming in Europe. Field Service Management tools (FSM) are used in many industries where remote working is required.

We will give you all necessary commercial training and support to gain a part of this market. Our commercial support will increase as your partnership evolves from START to CERTIFIED or GOLD status. As a partner, you will be able to earn commissions on Odyssee Mobile Enterprise license sales.

Effective co-marketing efforts to increase leads and awareness

Depending on your level of partnership (see table below), we will support you with co-marketing actions and priority marketing support, increased visibility throughout the Odyssee Mobile channels and co-publishing your case studies. Certified and Gold Partners enjoy the benefit of access to the Odyssee Lead Generation program, giving you opportunities to further expand your mobile business.

In-depth training with the Odyssee Academy

The Odyssee Academy provides your team with in-depth training on all levels: technical, (pre)sales, user support and maintenance. Odyssee Partners are required to successfully finish two courses of the Odyssee Academy, although we strongly recommend to complete all courses, as they will give you more insight into the solution.

    TABLE 1: Industries where FSM is used. Source: Field Service Management by the Technology Evaluation Centers, www.technologyevaluation.com.

    Supporting your customers and your operations

    Odyssee Mobile offers three kinds of support:

    Presales: we advise you on the processes to be covered and the configuration to be proposed to your customer.

    Configuration and integration support: our development team helps you out with questions about configuration and the API, which is amongst the best documented in our industry. Their proven track record on connecting our solution with your customer’s IT configuration ensures you swift and precise ‘how to’ answers.

    Odyssee Service Helpdesk: your customers have the Odyssee Service Helpdesk for all their user questions at their disposal. It is also your first point of contact for all the questions of your team regarding functionalities and configuration of the Odyssee Service solution.


    Become a sales partner

    According to Gartner, the Field Service Automation market approximates 1,2 billion Euro. The opportunities that mobile and cloud solutions offer now to service companies, make Odyssee Mobile an exciting solution providing local and personalized support to your customers.
    Looking for a last generation Field Service Management tool for your customers and prospects? Contact Odyssee Mobile for conditions and benefits.

    Odyssee Mobile Partners are companies focused on implementing Odyssee Mobile solutions or interested in developing their Odyssee Mobile skills in order to become a CERTIFIED or GOLD level Solution Partner.
    Becoming a Odyssee Mobile START Partner is the first step for all companies interested in becoming an Odyssee Mobile Partner. As an Odyssee Mobile START partner, you have access to the resources necessary for establishing your Odyssee Mobile competency and building an Odyssee Mobile expertise.
    Odyssee Mobile Certified Partners can remain focused on Odyssee Mobile implementations if they desire. As a member of this program you will play a critical role in the adoption of Odyssee Mobile and the success of customers worldwide.


    START Partner

    If you aspire to become an Odyssee Partner, you will automatically enrol into the START Partner certification process. Signing up will give you access to all resources needed (like access to the Odyssee Service Demo environment) to sell Odyssee Service to your first customer  and implement it. You will be expected to complete your first sale to a customer within 6 months. Meeting the compliance requirements automatically gives you access to the CERTIFIED partner level.

    CERTIFIED Partner

    CERTIFIED partner enjoy sales, PR and marketing support. You are required to finish all Academy courses and to have two designated Certified or Gold Consultant. You are allowed to use the Odyssee Mobile Certified logo for all your communications.

    GOLD Partner

    We count on our GOLD partners to really co-develop the Odyssee Mobile brand and think along about the future roadmap of our solution. Amongst increased support and privileges, we should mention that you will have the opportunity to create a joint marketing plan and that you will have direct access to individual members of our development & support teams.

    Summary of Partnership Levels

    Certified or Gold Consultants
    Access to Odyssee Mobile platform license (not for resale)YesYesYes
    Logos rights, partner badges, Odyssee Mobile websites listing as a Solution Partner; co-branded collateral and signageYesYes
    Access to Odyssee Mobile leadsYesYes
    Ability to earn commissions on Odyssee Mobile Enterprise license sales (quota and commissions vary by level)YesYesYesYes
    Access to Odyssee Academy sessions and certificationYesYesAcademy sessions
    Ability to engage in co-marketing programs with Odyssee MobileYesBy Invitation
    Partner case studies, videos, webinars, and other materials will be displayed in the Mobile Resource Library on the Odyssee Mobile websitesYesYes
    Priority support for industry tradeshows, sponsorship opportunities at Odyssee Mobile hosted events including Mobile ForumsYesYes
    Partner case studies considered for publication by Odyssee MobileYes
    Access to Odyssee Mobile technical supportYesYesYes
    Promoting your partnership: announcement on the Odyssee Mobile blog, Odyssee Mobile quote for approved partner press releases, your company featured in the Industry Partner newsletterYesYes

    Enjoy the advantages of the Odyssee Partner program

    To learn more about the Odyssee Mobile Associate program and how you can leverage our valuable Mobile ecosystem, please contact us. We look forward to your company becoming a part of the Odyssee Mobile family.

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