Field Service Management software allows Contracting & Maintenance, HVAC and Inspection companies to optimize their field service teams. Is this only working for large field teams? No. Before it was, but now there is interesting software on the internet that can be used without any hassle or implementation even if you are a small company.

The basics of Field Service Management

Any company running a field service team from a few technicians to several hundred needs to organize the team in a way to serve the customers fast, get customer satisfaction high and keep costs down. No need to hire a jet to be on time. A good dispatch and scheduling software will do that for you. Then, once the technician is at the customer, he/she needs to know which installation to repair, and what the problem exactly is, what did the customer already tell to the dispatcher and what has been done previously on the installation. Once the job is done, the technician gets the approval signature of the customer on his mobile device and can go to his next job. The dispatcher does the follow up of the daily planning in real time. All these activities are usually covered by a field service management software.

Why isn’t field service software only for large teams?

Often SMB’s think that such field service management software is only useful if you run a team of let’s say 75+ technicians. They reason that below that number, one can easily continue to manage the team with Excel planning, work orders on paper, and so on. And most of all, they believe the costs of such field service software are too expensive for a team below 75. This was true indeed a couple of years ago, but nowadays, cloud software aka internet field service management software has been developed. One example is the Field Service Management software from Odyssee Mobile. No implementation costs are needed anymore. No hardware to store business-critical data, no extra in-house resources. Subscribe online and start using the field service management tool. Give a mobile device to the technicians, install the mobile app for offline use automatically and off you go, even for a team of a few technicians.

What functionalities should the field service software have?

This depends on your business. Small companies have other needs than large enterprises. The field service software must be flexible to tailor those needs. This is easily managed with access rights per user group/user. The cloud based Field Service Management software from Odyssee Mobile is adaptable even per user if necessary. Nothing more, nothing less. If you do not use work instructions, then this module will be invisible. The day you decide to use such work instructions, you activate it in one click.
The technician works in the field and uses the mobile app to see where he/she has to go next and what needs to be done, fill in the timesheet and Service report and get the signature of the customer. You might also need spare parts management, stock management, and so on. And some statistics are always welcome too. The nice thing with the Odyssee Mobile Field service management software, is that all of these modules can be activated or not, depending on your real needs. Your field service software can be as lean as you need it to be.

What are the benefits of field service software?

Optimization and cost reductions are the two key benefits for companies of all sizes when using field service software. If communication between customer, dispatcher and technician is crystal clear, then customer satisfaction will sharply increase. And a happy customer does not change his field service supplier.
Replacing the Excel planning by an automated dispatch and scheduling system will make the day of your technicians much more efficient. Routings and driving times will be optimized, reducing mileage and fuel costs, increasing the number of work orders a day.
Other benefits depend vastly on your type of business: mean time to repair can be improved, SLA’s can be hold, invoice flows can be done much faster. Parts management can reduce van stocks. Not to mention timesheet management which give you a good insight in your technician’s day and can be sent to any payroll tool. One thing is sure, with field service software in the cloud, you only pay according to the number of technicians you have, which makes the software perfectly affordable for SMB’s too regarding the return on investment you will obtain.

Note that the cloud field service software from Odyssee Mobile offers a free trial. Experience for yourself on the internet what the benefits of a field service management tool mean for your business or ask Odyssee for a free ROI calculation.

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