Typing once?
Okay but retyping?

ERP integration cuts down your workload!

Is your company using Dynamics NAV? Odyssee Service has a 360° plug&play connector ready to be installed allowing you to use the full potential of field service management software. Read more >>>
Have you already equipped your vans with TomTom webfleet devices? Odyssee Service connects automatically with TomTom to maximize your performance. Read more >>>
Odyssee Service easily integrates with Exact Online through the Exact Online connector to maximize your performance. Read more >>>

Our other connectors


Connect your backoffice

It’s easy to integrate your invoicing, warehouse, and planning flows with Odyssee

Manage your invoicing, spare parts, HR and project management flows seamlessly. Connecting your back office with your field service Odyssee application

gives you end-to-end integration from order management to final invoice, avoiding data soiling, several versions of the truth and delays due to excessive batch management. There are four ways to share data between your ERP and Odyssee:

Import / Export XLS

Your customers, parts and installations can be imported using Excel sheets. And your work orders and timesheets can be exported the same way. All without retyping.

ERP plugins

Do you use Microsoft Dynamics, SAP-B1, Sage, or Exact Online? Perhaps its Afas, Briljant or Salesforce. It might be Quickbooks, Unit4 or Venice. There is no shortage of ERP or accounting systems. Compatible with over 55 different systems, you can be sure Odyssee will plug in with your ERP.

Open API

Do you want full integration directly between your ERP system and the Odyssee portal? Our API allows you to sync any object in 2 directions: customers, installations, parts, work orders, technicians… Come and join other customers who upgraded their Service Teams from Middle Ages technology.

Odyssee Connect

Do you work with SAP, Oracle and other large systems? Do you need integration that transcends the API? Use Odyssee Connect and make the most of it. Part of our field service solution, Odyssee Connect is an ETL tool specially designed for mapping and setting up complex environments.

Efficiency? Mobilise your ERP!

You’ve invested in your ERP because you wanted your processes to be more efficient. And yet you find yourself entering the same data into different systems. And typing out hand-written work orders and reports. A two-way link between your ERP and the Odyssee Portal changes this. Information in one is shared with the other. It’s so efficient, it does it automatically.

How does it work?


The link between your ERP system and the Odyssee field service solution allows existing information to be sent back and forth. Introduce it to one system. And it’s instantly available on both systems. As well as every device with Odyssee software installed on it.

Already there

Which means the work order your customer just signed is already with the accounting department. And your inventory has just updated to reflect the items your service team just sold.

The Odyssee field service solution is designed to work with virtually every form of ERP software there is.

Best of all

Of course, our integration team will set everything up for you. And our support team is there to ensure everything flows smoothly afterwards, whether your techs access information online or offline. Best of all? This a Cloud Solution. You don’t need to make any up-front investment
Mobilised ERP


Seamless connectivity flow from service technician to accountant
Mobile data is available in the ERP in no time.
ERP data is available on mobile devices.
There is super-fast synchronisation with API or Odyssee Connect.
Odyssee works with any ERP/CRM software.
As a Cloud Solution, it won’t cost an arm and a leg.
Level of data exchange and integration adaptable to the size and complexity of your business.

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