Industry specific configurations

Configure your industry-specific processes

Define your work order types, the associated work instructions, skills required, Issue Management flows. Define stock locations and link them with the technician’s car. Manage detailed user and access rights.

Implement workflows and manage your field workers’ activity

Implement workflows and manage your field technicians’ activity: use the status sequence (e.g. available, on the move, dealing with a work order), calculate techicians’ time worked, time travelled, etc.

Create complex forms

Use the form builder for service reports and inspections, or to save the specifications of installations, or tasks, or work orders.

Communication template

Create and configure all types of communication throughout your industry specific processes. Decide how to communicate, what and to whom.

Configure the mobile app

Nowhere else this quote applies most: less is more! Decide what technicians can see and can do. How they should work and in what order. Which actions they are allowed to execute


Decide how to organize your installed base. Manage the equation Customers, locations and building sites and installations

Organize your Business Units

Odyssee Service allows multiple business units or Service Organizations to use one and the same Odyssee platform. Each business unit can apply its own workflows and settings, each user will only see data from its own business unit but overall settings, platform management and dashboards can be applied as well.

Detailed user rights configuration

The Odyssee field service software can be can be very specifically configured per user. Decide in detail which user group or individual user can access a menu or a feature. Organize your roles into user groups for easy rights management.

Manage languages

Not only can you manage the interface languages so each user can easily understand the software, but as your customers can recieve the different communication messages and service reports in their own languages.

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