For different tasks, different hardware is required. The first thing that you have to consider when buying mobile phones is: what hardware is ideal for any activity? And we mean especially the big screen (also ‘form factor’). Let the choice thus depend on the activity.
Nowadays there are both laptops and Tablet PC’s that can function as handheld scanners available from 400 euros. This means that they are cheaper than iPad’s. Smart phones are much lower in price.Ask us for the best equipment at the best price! Odyssee Mobile has extensive knowledge of the latest devices.

What the exprience of Odyssee Mobile teaches:
  • A handheld scanner (PDA) is fast, always on, always with me and the battery lasts all day long. For quick repetitive tasks, a PDA is ideal. For viewing following appointments, making a quick call to a contact, sending or reading an email or to accept / decline a work order, a PDA would be a good choice. The PDA has it all.
  • TabletPC’s also have almost all of these benefits. Fast, no startup time and the battery lasts a long time. A tablet is a device that does not fit in your pocket. But that is also its own advantages: fast and a larger screen. Use a smartphone “companion” alongside the tablet to call contacts, check your calendar and as a navigational tool, etc ..
  • People, who use a laptop, need an additional device or smartphone. A laptop cannot be used to navigate. It is not always on, it starts slowly, and it consumes a lot of energy. People do not always carry a laptop with them. But a laptop has the correct ports to read or to write comprehensive reports. A telephone is necessary in every case. Use a smartphone as a “companion” to call contacts , check your calendar …
Our vision:
  • Do not force the hardware on others
  • Do not take decisions for your team
  • Ask them what is best for them. Usually they have enough knowledge and common sense to know what best suits their daily activities.
  • If you already have laptops in use, ask whether this device is still the right approach. Perhaps Tablet’s will be more efficient.
  • Test the hardware in the field, with the Odyssee software on it! No theoretical approach:
Test hardware ‘in the field’

– Only then, you can buy other devices
– It often happens that clients use different devices because of different activities.

– Most importantly: Ask us for the best equipment for the best price. Odyssee Mobile has extensive knowledge in the latest available models.

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