Car route

All daily activities are automatically registered. This also applies to the registrations of the car routes/journies. In case GPS is available, the exact position of the car is registered. A simple report then readies all for TAX administration
Geo Localisation –GPS fleet management

Your vehicle fleet usually represents a big part of your fixed assets and serves as a ‘business card’ for your company. They transport expensive material as well as your employees. If the fleet is well managed, productivity and the service performances of your team will increase immediately.

With the Mobile Field Services vehicle telemetric module you have access to the geographical location of your technicians.
When you use GPS Geo Localisation you can immediately see which service technician is eligible for a certain job, what the fastest route is, the required time, the stock of spare parts in their car and more.

Your technicians are traceable at street level, dispatch teams or planning departments can zoom in on the map. You can also request a complete history, including all of the routes and registration of private miles.

Benefits of Field Service Geo Localisation:

♦ Field team traceble on street level
Real time info about the task and how far it has progressed
Geoplanning tools to calculate travel times
Kilometer registration for the tax authorities

Integration in module for automatic time registration and wage

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