Odyssee Mobile field service: an easy solution to manage your installed base schedule work orders, dispatch field technicians, get customer signatures and send invoices. It makes your organisation profitable by reducing waiting times, reducing operational costs and satisfying customers.

What is it?

♦ Efficient scheduling
♦ Work orders executed on time
♦ Signature of customer
♦ For maintenance engineers
♦ How does it work?
♦ Manage installations on the web portal
♦ Schedule and dispatch
♦ Execute the work orders
♦ Finalise with customer’s signature

Top 5 advantages

♦ Schedule & dispatch work orders efficiently
♦ Keep track of everyone’s location
♦ Technicians access work orders on the tablet
♦ Installation and job history are always at hand
♦ Work accurately, save time and money


Schedule and Dispatch

The key to success for maintenance companies lies in the speed and quality in which they can respond to the needs of the customer. Keep track of where everyone is, plan efficiently and according to your capacity and follow everything till the customer is fully satisfied.
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Digital work orders

Field maintenance & repair teams have a lot of daily administrative work to do. Your field engineers lose a lot of time completing work orders and reports. Now there is the mobile field service solution to increase productivity: the digital work order!
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Spare parts Management

Easy delivering or ordering of spare parts. Ensure that the right spare parts and resources are at the right place at the right time. Optimised logistics of spare parts leads to better warehouse management.

Timesheet registration

The optimal use of time of both the technician and the customer, ensures a great customer satisfaction. With the automatic timesheets registration, it is possible to register easily and accurately every working hour. At the end of the week, the system provides a neat week status.
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