An optimal service gives a perfect impression of your installation company and ensures that your customers are satisfied. Maintenance management software and scheduled work orders can make a difference in the maintenance, repair and technical management of installations. To keep up with your competitors, your service and maintenance team have to deliver good results faster than before. This requires efficient maintenance management software with integrated scheduling.


Manage water treatment installations online and offline using Odyssee Software

With Odyssee Mobile Field Service Management our service team can concentrate itself on a splendid service and maintenance job. Besides this you can be sure of an efficient online scheduling tool, a thorough reporting and a good spare parts management.
Your Field Service Engineers get Odyssee Mobile maintenance management software adapted to the business needs of Pool & Spa, and water treatment installations on their laptops, Tablet PC’s or Smartphones.

This enables the Service Technician to (online and offline):

♦ Receive and process maintenance work orders,
♦ Look at service history and installations
♦ Draw up service reports,
♦ Book spare parts or order them,
♦ Draw up time registration including travel and work hours,
♦ capture the signature of the customer on site.

The maintenance work order can be signed on site by the customer with an electronic signature on the appliance. Like you sign off deliveries with DHL, your customer signs off for the delivered service and replaced spare parts. Everything happens in real-time or “almost real-time” so that the dispatchers can follow up the entire team of service technicians n their online scheduling tool.

HVAC Maintenance Management Software

Are your mechanics and installers on site for an installation, repair or maintenance of systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning?
You should give them the right equipment to serve your customers optimally. This can be done with a pda or tablet through our special mobile field software. This is also known as ‘the digital work source’.
Odyssee developed a special application ‘HVAC Field Service’ for digital supporting the HVAC service technicians.
Via their mobile appliance they can receive assignments, order stock and maintaining this, communicate with the office staff, report completions, register hours, upload pictures of installations, and even send the electronic autograph of the customer. U can, so to say, send the invoice the same day. The technician only has to insert the data of the customer and is literally done at the end of the day with the work.


♦ Request the digital work source and sign it off.
♦ Better planning due to real time contact with the technician
♦ Insert the hours and other core data only once
♦ Checking in and adjust used accessories
♦ Online insight in core data of the customer and the job

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