Mobalise your ERP: a gain in efficiency!

An ERP system or accounting package streamlines your processes. This is the reason why many customers utilize a two-way link, usually between internal software (typically an ERP) and the Odyssee Mobile Web portal. This can be as good as all known ERP systems. This means that all information only needs to be implemented.

How does it work?

Through the API or the Odyssee Connect application data’s may be retrieved and sent from the ERP to the Odyssee portal.

It will primarily involve customers and products, but also installation information and many more. The data on the portal are also synchronized to any mobile device that has the Odyssee software installed.

The seller will then write orders and the technician will handle the work orders completely offline. This data is then sent back to the web portal, which in turn passes them on to the ERP. The time of synchronization can be set freely like once a day, every hour or every 10 minutes or even manually.

In other words, as soon as the order is made has only and as soon as the work order has been signed by the customer, everything is already in your ERP. That is what it is to work efficiently with mobile ERP coupling.

Mobilise your ERP: the advantages

♦ No retyping

♦ Entered mobile data are directly visible in ERP

♦ Fast synchronisation with API or Odyssee Connect

♦ Cooperation with all ERP platforms

Cloud Solution: no upfront investment

High ROI: gain benefits as soon as the installation is complete

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