Your field technicians lose much time filling in orders and reports. You have to wait until the invoice papers are signed and returned. Here is the mobile field service solution to increase your productivity: the digital work order!

Powerful features, easy to use

Your technicians can access in full functioning offline modus information about all installations and digitally report it with pictures of the results if desired. Once your customer has digitally signed it, everything is sent back to the ERP and the customers automatically receives an overview in their mailbox.

Clear communication

In addition to full information on the installed base, you can clearly communicate about the job that has to be executed, what the cause of the malfunction may be, who sent it and who should be contacted on the spot. This ensures the information the engineer requires before he/she even starts, is clearly communicated.

Clear work instructions

Per work order, work instructions are given. The job execution is always correct and fully implemented. New mechanics know what to do right away. Clear working instructions guarantee fixed quality in your provided services.

Handy Service Reports

If all parts and hours are recorded, the technician compiles a report of all activities, what the next technician should consider, etc. The technician can also fill in an inspection report or note important things that must be checked. He can then read the previous notes so that he can familiarise himself with the circumstances. Through the web portal, you can make different kinds of report or inspection forms that the technicians must complete, depending on the installation.

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