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The implemented Odyssee Mobile Field Service Solution includes the full cycle of steps: electronic work orders, ordering of spare parts both via web shop and through an internal catalogue for the most ordered items, work details including photo’s, work order approval flows, weekly status sheets and the planning module.

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Return on investment

  • Invoice time 85% 85%
  • Be on time 89% 89%
  • Admin Performance 93% 93%

The problem

Already in 2002, Bam Techniek, invested in the efficiency of its field workforce. An electronic work order tool with back-end integration was implemented. However with increasing internet use in 2008, the existing solution was showing challenges in stability and accessibility. In 2011 a project was launched to find a future proof replacement. Key requirements included that the existing work order functionality should be kept but extended with offline working capabilities and a planning module replacing to replace the xls approach.

The Results

When selecting its new provider, BAM Techniek wanted cutting edge, innovative cloud based technology to be at the basis. With Odyssee Mobile’s Field Service Solution expectations were met and the project was launched.

Gerrit Valkenburg, BAM Techniek’s Project Manager, strongly appreciated Odyssee Mobile’s realistic project methodology. As with most IT projects there were challenges and some delay, the collaboration was always optimal and solution oriented.

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The Strategy we used for BAM

The implemented Odyssee Field Service Solution includes the full cycle of steps

Dispatch & Planning

Digital Work Orders


Timesheet Registration

Work Details Photo's


Work Order Approval Flows

Weekly Status Sheets

To facilitate the roll-out and training of the technicians demo movies were recorded giving an outline of the intuitive handling of the Odyssee Mobile solution.

Gerrit Valkenburg
BAM Techniek’s Project Manager

“Our project objective was to replace the old tool within budget and to run the tool in the cost structure of the old tool. This objective was met, and exceeded as we now have more functionality. The implementation of Odyssee Mobile’s Field Service Solution was a big success. We would gladly and surely recommend it to other parties.”


Easy-to-make reports and timesheets, your field techs will be able to focus on what they do best: keeping your customers happy.


On the job. On the clock. On the ball. Make life easier for your technicians, your clients and yourself.


Your clients often dream of something better. Offer it to them. No one know what your customers need or would benefit from better than your field service technicians.


Do I need to pay for extras too? No. The only things you pay for are for the options you select on this page.

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