1. Give your customer service a break from routine tasks

Like always, your clients want to be able to communicate issues immediately and be kept up to date with the status of ongoing service calls well eh…. also immediately. How do you do this without wearing out your customer service team on constant requests for updates and still providing flawless service? The Odyssee Customer Portal is specially designed for this purpose. Your clients can create, edit or cancel new issues and easily monitor the status of their requests.

2. Increase customer comfort and peace of mind

A job is currently underway and your client wants to check its status. The customer portal is the perfect place for them to find the information they require. With just a few clicks, your client will find all the up-to-date information about the job. And this includes as well signed work orders for jobs that have been completed. Or jobs planned in the future.

3. No errors thanks to a well-structured process

Nowadays, customer portals have almost become standard communication channels. Because the online ticket request is a well-structured process, there are significantly fewer errors when new jobs are created. The Odyssee customer portal has a direct link with your Odyssee Service portal. This saves both you and the client a great deal of time.

4. Integration with other ticketing systems

Large clients also use a ticketing or asset management system for their buildings and stores. This allows them to follow up all technical problems in their own solution. By integrating their systems with Odyssee Service, their tickets are immediately taken on by the Odyssee back office. And the customers get status updates, from the start to the finish of the job without leaving their system. Ideal for following up on SLA’s if you use the Contract module!

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