Contracts & Warranty

1. Simplify maintenance agreement

You agree with your customer to maintain an installation once every 3 months. Your customer has 10 installations like that. You have 354 customers with such agreements… Get rid of the administration. Automate! Create a contract, fill in the maintenance recurrencies for automated scheduling and activate!

2. Serve your customers better

Once the contract is set up, the jobs are automatically generated and scheduled according to your planning setup. But next to a preventive service model for maintenance, you can create as well corrective and predictive service models. For each one of them you can set-up a specific configuration. Make your agreements, after that, focus on servicing your customer.

3. Be on time

You agreed a set of SLA times with your customers in case of issues? That is nice, but now you need to keep your promise. Configure this easily in the corrective service model for each installation and follow-up on SLA throughout the whole lifecycle of a work order! Check your dashboards to track your SLA hit ratio month after month.

4. Payments on site? Yes you can

If you need to manage prices to invoice on site through a mobile pay terminal or you simply want to communicate the exact price while on the job, you can use the detailed pricing features of Odyssee Contract Management module. These features can handle any price strategy you have and take even warranty periods into account so you don’t invoice by mistake!

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