“Make your productivity insightful”

The optimal use of the technicians’ time as well as that of the customer ensures customer satisfaction. Getting the job done properly and on time is what drives the operational efficiency of your service field force.

Save time with the automatic time registration

An automatic time registration ensures that a timesheet can be automatically assigned to a service contract. The hours include travel time, working hours and breaks. When you open a job, the start time of the journey is asked, after which you can start the work hours. With the digital signature, the timesheet stops automatically. The mechanic can always manually intervene where necessary.

Week status

With the Field Service time registration, including travel as well as working time, unavailibilities and even private time. The complete week status is done at the end of the week.
This information is sent to any HR module to easily compute hours worked per month and wages. Forget complex time records in Excel! Your HR team will save time thanks to this Field service timesheet solution.

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