Time Registration

What is automatic time registration?

Automatic time registration ensures that a timesheet is automatically allocated to a service call. The hours recorded include travel time, the hours worked and breaks. Everything is neatly and accurately put on the books. It’s handy for the client and indispensable for correct invoicing and subsequent calculations.

If the job is not yet complete and the technician will need to return the following week, it’s not a problem: the time registration goes straight back to where it was and the extra hours are added to the same assignment. Puzzling over hours and jobs will be a thing of the past!


Simpler administration for your technicians and installation crews

When technicians start on a new assignment, they are asked whether travel time is to be included or not. When the client digitally signs off, the job is considered to be finished and the clock immediately stops. All simple. And completely automatic. Of course, for those just-in-case situations, it is possible for the technician to manually intervene if necessary.

Not all working hours are equal

A lot of field force applications are handy to use, but offer limited possibilities. With Odyssee, you have complete control for registering your hours. This is vitally important if you’re invoicing for a technician who has worked until late in the evening as opposed to a technician who works a regular nine-to-five shift.


From approval to invoicing: avoid discussions and post-calculations

Because technicians are unable to close an assignment without having the hours they have worked registered and validated, you are assured of a correct, accurate and transparent appraisal of the number of hours worked in real time. Because the client has already signed off on the job before you send your invoice, there are far fewer disagreements or discussions about the number of hours worked and the number being invoiced.

Number of hours worked versus number of hours invoiced

Sometimes an assignment is finished much more quickly than originally agreed upon with the client. You may still need to include the unused hours on the invoice. Odyssee gives you the flexibility to manually define the number of hours to be invoiced based on the number of hours originally quoted or actually worked.

Optimize the way your staff spend their time

Odyssee includes a number of standard dashboards. They allow you to visualize the difference between the hours estimated and planned for, and the hours actually worked. You immediately notice where projects have been underestimated and which teams are less productive. With these dashboards, you are able to quickly put your finger on the problem. Plus, you have a powerful tool for increasing your efficiency and your profits.

Transparent payroll administration

The app allows your external service workers to record the hours they work as well as exceptional hours. This means they can keep track of vacation time, meetings, training, etc. Your HR department therefore has access to the correct information for calculating payroll at the end of the calendar period you choose: weekly, twice-monthly or monthly.

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