Odyssee Service Licensing

Choose the right formula for your company

Choose your licenseSTARTfor VSE
Most PopularTEAMfor SME/Large accounts
ENTERPRISEfor SME/Large accounts
30 days free trialFree trialFree trialFree trialFree trial
Installed base Management   3
Flexible customer managementNNNN
Manage territories and technician groupsNNNN
Easy installation managementNNNN
Manage technical specs & documentsNNNN
Parts managementNNNN
Skills & ChecklistsMMNN
Multiple Service OrganisationsMMMN
Contract Management   3
Manage predictive, corrective and preventive maintenance contractsMMNN
Manage price- and invoice conditionsMMNN
Automated preventive maintenance schedulingMMNN
Manage Service Level Agreements & WarrantiesMMNN
Issue Management   3
Register incoming calls/job requestsNNNN
Create workflow for your incoming callsNNNN
Escalate to work ordersNNNN
Follow up Service Level Agreements & WarrantiesMMNN
Work Order management   3
Manage (grouped) work ordersNNNN
Add documents and picturesNNNN
Suggest parts to be usedNNNN
Add checklists to facilitate maintenance activitiesMMNN
Planning & Scheduling   3
Plan technicians using drag & dropNNNN
Extended Planboard functionalitiesNNNN
Dispatch work orders on one or multiple techniciansNNNN
Real-time follow-up of all work ordersNNNN
Manage unavailibilities (holidays, illness, ...)NNNN
Geolocalization (Track & Trace)MNNN
SmartScheduler for Route OptimizationsMMMN
Contractor management   3
Schedule (sub)contractors MMNN
Contractors' access to 'private' plan boardMMNN
Follow-up contractors' work ordersMMNN
Contractors' access to work order details & flowMMNN
Integrate with 3rd party dispatch systems in 2 directionsMMNN
Mobile App   3
Full working offline appNNNN
Day-, week, and monthly assigned jobs overviewNNNN
Register travel & working time using hour typesPre-configuredNNN
Register used PartsNNNN
Use stock locationsMNNN
Purchase orders to own warehouseMMNN
Purchase orders to external eshops (CEBEO, TU, Wasco, ...)MMNN
Full access to installation details and historyNNNN
Add/consult documents and picturesNNNN
Fill in Service reports, Approval certificates and Inspection reports, NNNN
Create new work orders on the spotNNNN
Use checklist facilitating specific maintenance tasksMMNN
Condition measurement (NEN 2767 )MMNN
Customer signature and satisfaction level captureNNNN
Onsite payment registrationMMNN
Customer Portal   3
Customers report issues and track themMNNN
Customers get full transparancy on scheduled maintenanceMNNN
Customers view their historical dataMNNN
Customize your customer portal MMNN
360° Business Intelligence   3
Real-time DashboardsMOptionalOptionalOptional
KPIs and scorecardsMOptionalOptionalOptional
BI connectMMOptionalOptional
Industry Specific Configurations & Communication   3
Manage detailed User rightsPre-configuredNNN
Enable multiple languagesPre-configuredNNN
Use FormBuilder to create service reports, approval certificates, pdf's, ...Pre-configuredNNN
Customize screens with your own specification fieldsPre-configuredNNN
Automated Email/SMS communicationPre-configuredNNN
And many more detailed configuration optionsPre-configuredNNN
Integration   3
Stand-alone platform with Excel importNNNN
Integration using plugins (Exact, Dynamics, TomTom, DBFact, Briljant, Bouwsoft, Snelstart, Unit4, ….)MNNN
Integration using Odyssee API (with any ERP, CRM, HR or Financial software)MNNN
Integration with Track & Tracing systemsMNNN
Odyssee Assistance for IT teams doing the integration themselvesMNNN
Support   3
Switch to another license at any timeNNNN
99,99% cloud SLANNNN
24/7 MonitoringNNNN
Future updatesNNNN
Email SupportNNNN
Telephone supportNNNN
Sandbox environmentOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Customized supportMMMOptional

Compose your own solution

Installed base and work order management

Issue Management

Parts Management

Dispatch & Scheduling


Contract Management

Route Optimization

Mobile Service App


Subcontractor Management and 3rd party dispatch

360° Business Intelligence

Customer Portal & Communication



Do I need to pay for extras too?

No. The only things you pay for are on this page. You only pay for the options you select.

How long is the subscription?

Subscriptions are yearly. You stop whenever you want. It’s that simple. You can add extra users all along your subscription.

Is support included?

Absolutely. A ticketing support is at your disposal from within the solution and you benefit from a live chat support during the first 3 months of your subscription to help you get acquainted with the software as fast as possible.

What do you mean by "Future updates are included"?

Most future updates containing new features will be released into the Odyssee Service solutions at no additional charge and made available to all users. Occasionally, premium features will be released that require an additional subscription. In these cases, you will be notified of these new premium features however you will not automatically be able to use it without a corresponding subscription.

Does it fit my business?

Odyssee Service is used by many different service companies. Thanks to its high level of industry specific configurations, Odyssee Service can be fully adapted to any service company managing field service technicians. More over, Odyssee Service is especially adapted to companies who want to manage their field service team using a planboard and scheduler. The real-time data communication between dispatchers and technicians will highly increase your produtivity and save you money.

What is 24/7 monitoring?

It means we monitor the health status of our solutions 24 hours/7 days per week, meanng "continuously". This is fully automated so you can relax and focus on service excellence. And oh yes, it is of course fully secured as well!

The Odyssee Service Mobile App is working both Online & Offline.

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