Deliver high quality,

invoice the same day!


Deliver service excellence

Odyssee Service offers modulable, ready-to-go field service software to automate all your service activities and team. Schedule preventive maintenance automatically and use the SmartScheduler to optimize routings.

Invoice the same day

Odyssee makes life easier for all your technicians. No more paperwork for timesheets or used parts. Register the service activities and invoice the same day.



Million yearly work orders

Million working hours yearly

Empower your technicians

With a digital work order always available on their tablet or smartphone, technicians know exactly what to do. And thanks to the timesheet and used parts registration, invoicing errors are reduced to a minimum

Save money

No need to hire a jet to be on time. The dispatch and smart scheduling software of Odyssee Service will do that for you. Plan your teams with incredible precision and optimize their routings automatically.

Increase profitability

Use the 360° Business Intelligence dashboards and reports of Odyssee to get improved insight on profitability and service excellence.

Deliver top service

Response on time, be on time, solve on time!
Enhance the work orders with Service Level functionalities and comply to your service level agreements effortlessly.

Our recommendation

Choose the best feature pack to empower your service

How many Service Organizations

How many planners

How many technicians

100 +

Talk to us about your needs!

Because we love to help you and demonstrate exactly what our field service management software is capable of. Get in touch today and you will see what Odyssee can do for your business!

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