Service app

1. Increase productivity

From the initial job request to the final invoice, your workflow depends on the digital work order. Use the intuitive and user-friendly Odyssee Mobile Service app. We notice once and again how quickly external service technicians have embraced the new application. Thanks to a comprehensive mix of automated processes and easy-to-complete reports, all administrative procedures are greatly simplified.

2. Invoice everything

Technicians need to register what we call the “invoicables”: mileage or driving time, working hours, used parts, etc. With the Odyssee Field Force app, all these relevant registrations are presented at the right moment to your technician. They don’t forget anything and you save your administrative team from an especially big chunk of work.

3. Work efficiently

Checklists, documents and parts list can be created for every job. And they’re all easy to check off, with no typing required. All it takes is a single click for the technician to add pictures to the job, with the ability to tag them appropriately. At any moment, the technician can consult previous reports. All documents on the installation, service history, photos and more are automatically supplied and linked to the assignment.

4. Clear for technician & clients

Technicians have all the historical installation data at their disposal. Completely offline.
And customers get a clear service report pdf in their mailbox seconds after signature.

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